TheWaveVR is a virtual reality platform that helps music lovers view, host, and socialize over shows and concerts anywhere and at any time. It's a global platform that promotes the community surrounding music, only this time, the company does it with cutting-edge virtual reality technology.

It might sound like a story straight out of a science fiction movie, but lucky for music lovers, TheWaveVR is real (no pun intended).  I'll let Adam Arrigo, CEO and co-founder of TheWaveVR, explain it himself.

"We're building the world's first VR interactive music platform," he says. "The platform lets anybody from aspiring DJs to Deadmau5 to put online as virtual shows that are fully interactive."

Ultimately, the goal of TheWaveVR is to democratize the live music experience. Imagine if a musician could create a VR profile and then stream live performances in real-time and in virtual reality. Imagine if a music fan could see their favorite band in the comfort of their own home but with the experience of attending a live event. Red Hot Chili Peppers, anyone?

In addition to the company's evolving VR technology, Arrigo and TheWaveVR have made a commitment to fully understanding the music business and tailoring the technology to help solve the industry's real problems. For example, the company recently added David Wexler as a strategic advisor; David is an entrepreneur and audio-visual artist who's worked with such acts as Srillex and the Rolling Stones.

On the technology side, TheWaveVR boasts a talented technical team with a love of music. Aaron Lemke, for example, the CCO and co-founder of the company, is a musician and VR developer who's released nine VR titles prior to starting TheWaveVR. Aaron's been working on VR since the early days...which for VR is like 4-5 years ago.

Adam himself has over 10 years experience working on music-tech products as a sound engineer, game designer, and product manager. He's been a part of such music-game successes as Rock Band, Dance Central, Harmonix Music VR, and more. It's only natural that Adam would use his background and talents to team up with a musician-turned VR developer (or is it a VR developer-turned musician?) to create the next "thing" in music technology and musical experiences.

However, when a company has a product so new and cutting-edge, it often takes a bit of know-how when it comes to fundraising. Technology companies on the bleeding edge usually need to fund their product development before the can collect any revenue.

Adam, Aaron, and the team have definitely had fundraising success. TheWaveVR raised $2.5 million in seed financing. Angel investors include Mike Fischer, the former CEO of Square Enix North America, and Joe Kraus of GV (formerly Google Ventures).

Xcelerate Financial is proud to lend a helping hand throughout TheWaveVR's financing process and beyond. With a newly funded company, cash flow and investor relations are key. We keep a watchful eye on TheWaveVr's financials and help them make sound business decisions. We also help them with investor relations and are excited to play a role in any future financing rounds.

For more information on TheWaveVR, check out their website.