Tomio Daumit might have a passion for the medical industry. but his path to founding Digital Medical was anything but direct. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in graphic design, Tomio jumped directly into self-employment and worked as a consulting graphic and web designer. The next seven years were good for Tomio, using his experience to jump into the corporate world as a senior project manager.

However, the medical industry was calling. Tomio, along with his cofounder Matthew Nicholson, saw an opportunity they couldn't ignore. There was a gap within the medical industry where outdated inventory management systems and logistical processes were causing inefficiencies in operating rooms and sterile processing departments. These inefficiencies, Tomio and Matthew knew, could be solved using technology. 

So, together, they formed Digital Medical Tech, a company that's intent on changing the way healthcare equipment is tracked and managed. Specifically, Digital Medical focuses on the operating room and sterile processing departments, two very important parts of the medical industry, if you ask me.

So, how does Tomio and Digital Medical do it? How do they utilize better inventory management and tracking systems to make the healthcare industry more efficient? They have two products, TimeoutOR and CompleteOR.


TimeoutOR is a web-based digital checklist that helps operating rooms with the tools necessary to ensure that all final procedure questions are answered. When a patient enters the operating room, the operating surgeon and staff are required to ask the patient specific final procedure questions.

TimeoutOR provides operating room staffs with the final procedure checklist, along with audio recording capabilities, timestamps, e-signatures, and more. The best part is that Digital Medical has its own HIPAA-compliant servers, allowing them to store medical information safely. 

The goal of TimeoutOR is to ensure that a surgical staff doesn't commit a wrong-site, wrong-side, wrong-procedure, or wrong-person surgery. Because, you know, that would be terrible. So happy for Digital Medical Tech! I won't have to write "wrong leg" on my body in pen the next time I go in for surgery.


CompleteOR is also a web-based application that helps operating rooms manage their surgical schedules with medical device representatives, all while tracking the equipment. The point of this software is to make the "supply chain" of the operating room more efficient and to provide transparency between vendors and healthcare facilities.

This, of course, ensures that operating rooms have the right tools for the job, whatever that surgery might be. I don't know about you, but Digital Medical is really helping me rest easy at night. I'll now know that users of CompleteOR will always have available access to whatever medical devices they need.

Which is lucky, considering that Digital Medical is used by MedStar Health, University of Maryland's Baltimore Washington Medical Center, D+Health, as well as the University of Southern California.


Xcelerate Financial is excited to be partnered with Tomio and Digital Medical. It's a perfect example of how technology can change even the most established institutions. Xcelerate helps Tomio and Matthew better guide their business with our CFO-level insights and accounting guidance.

We help Digital Medical prepare their monthly financial statements as well as use their financial information to help make the best decisions for the company. For more information on Digital Medical Tech and how they're changing the medical industry, visit their website here