Dot Squirrels is a bit of an anomaly. Navigate to the company's Angellist profile and you'll see that the business is made up of developers and that, "yeah, that's pretty much it." I'm not trying to keep things short, that's literally what it says. Straight from the horse's mouth.

But leaving it at that would be a disservice to the business's innovative approach to web development and to our client, co-founder and CTO Kevin Cogill.

Dot Squirrel is a web development company that works for such clients as Comcast, Warner Bros., Sony Electronics, the World Poker Tour (WPT), and more. The dev shop, for example, created a custom Wordpress theme for Sony Electronics, giving their client a responsive design that balanced intuitive content management with near military-grade security and scalability.

Believe it or not, that's only a sliver of Kevin and Dot Squirrel's overall impact on the development community.

Kevin, previous to starting Dot Squirrel with founders Ashley DeMaza and Frank Mastronuzzi, was the CTO of both Republic Project and Ray Interactive, as well as the founder of Antiquiet, Inc. Republic Project was venture backed and acquired by DG in 2013.

He's used his background in technology to tackle increasingly larger problems, known to many of his peers as a visionary and creative problem solver. Kevin began focusing some of his creative passion on his personal blog, found at Kevin "Skwerl" Cogill. His blog articles tackle such topics as custom embed code for Wordpress plugins, HTML email templates, and passing query variables to Facebook fan page tabs.

Kevin admits himself that, "I would never call what I do 'hacking.'" Still, he's able to deliver unique and functional web products for his Dot Squirrel clients that surpass the competition.

On that theme, Kevin says that Dot Squirrel "Doesn't see itself as a traditional agency, nor a startup." Instead, the company is in what Kevin calls the "client services business."

Specifically, the company thinks of itself as a family that cares about its work. Happy clients and positive relationships are Kevin's measurements of success. With this in mind, the business offers full stack development, responsive web, iOS and Android apps, APIs, Microsoft web, enterprise solutions, and more.

At Xcelerate, we've been able to help Dot Squirrel with all of their finance and operational needs from the get-go. Frank Mastronuzzi, co-founder and principle of Xcelerate Financial, guided Kevin and Ashley with the launch, making him a co-founder of Dot Squirrel. 

Frank, along with Xcelerate co-founder Katherine Gaffney and the Xcelerate team, has used his 15+ years of operational and financial experience to guide Dot Squirrel to continued daily success. WIth Xcelerate as the company's current CFO-level consultant, Dot Squirrel has been able to focus on increasing client retention and customer happiness, its stated measurements of success.

The relationship is a match made in business growth heaven! Contact Dot Squirrel today for more information on its suite of services.