To say that technology is changing rapidly would be the understatement of the century. But with clients such as TheWaveVR and Logical AI, we're lucky enough to see this change first-hand. We recently highlighted Adam Arrigo, CEO of TheWaveVR, but this time around we're excited to highlight Joel Luxenberg of Logical AI.

What is logical AI, you ask?

Logical AI is your intelligent HR manager, office clerk, data entry keyer, and more. To put their technology simply (which is hard, considering how complex their technology is), Logical AI is a product that can be programmed to automate data entry tasks and give you insights to help you make better business decisions. 

Now, to put it in more complex terms, Logical AI is an intelligent series of cloud-based neural networks that are programmed to extract and analyze data points. The result is a more efficient and effective business that can reduce overhead and increase the ability to make data-driven decisions. 

Logical AI was co-founded by CEO Joel Luxenberg and CTO Liron Zur in March of last year with one thing on their minds: Use artificial intelligence to make data entry of all types easier and more beneficial to the business. The result was Logical AI, a machine that not only helps with data entry for jobs of any size and scope, but also learns and makes predictions based on the data you provide it.

When you use Logical AI to manage your data, you're able to save time, reduce human error, cut costs, and overall, build a more effective and efficient business.

A Better Business in as Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Creating a better business is easy with Logical AI. In fact, your business can run more efficiently in three simple steps. 

The first step is to connect your data to the Logical AI cloud, which includes your documents such as spreadsheets, PDFs, images, API feeds, and more. 

The second step is to tell Logical AI which data points you want the neural network to extract. From there, Logical AI takes care of the rest. It'll pull all the necessary data from your documents and turn raw information into useful data points.

The third step is when Logical AI takes all the data points and organizes them into a readable and meaningful format of your choosing. As a final part of the step, Logical AI uses a training matrix to become better over time, making increasingly accurate predictions.

It's no surprise to us at Xcelerate that Logical AI is fast to market with cutting-edge technology that fills a specific need. Joel, the company's CEO, is a serial entrepreneur and startup advisor. Logical AI is just the next step in his journey, and we're glad to help through the startup phase and into maturity.

A Little More About Joe

Joe Luxenberg has always been an entrepreneur. In fact, in addition to running Logical AI with his co-founder, Joe is an advisor for Crowdfunder, 805 Startups, Naki Laundry, and TV4 Entertainment. Joe has also been an active investor in the tech startup space, investing in both InvestIn and StoryCorp. 

Joe therefore has his fingers in such markets as clean technology, enterprise software, SaaS, artificial intelligence (duh!), finance technology, and big data. 

Logical AI is based on Los Angeles, but you can sometimes find Joe in Portland or even Hong Kong.

For more information on Logical AI, you can find their website here. For more information on Joe Luxenberg, you can find his LinkedIn profile here