To say that Subtractive is a stalwart of the Los Angeles production scene would be a massive understatement. In fact, after boasting almost twelve years of business from founders Kyle Schember and Ryan Stuit, their production company now creates media content and experiences for high-powered clients such as RedBull, HBO, Google, Coachella, Fox Searchlight Pictures, the Discovery Channel, and more. 

Subtractive was founded on
the idea that genuine forms of creative expression result in success. Schember and Stuit are proof that creative passion can be turned into a massively successful business. There's a lot we can all learn from their company.

To put it Simply, Subtractive is a multimedia production company that produces content for theatrical, broadcast, 
web, video games, retail, and live events. If you've ever walked outside your front door, and we mean ever, chances are you've encountered a Subtractive experience. 

The company is comprised of a group of talented creatives who focus on the expansion of an emerging culture where music, art, and technology converge. The team actively supports new hybrid forms of artistic expression and gives these artists a platform to be seen, heard, and experienced. 

Schember and Stuit partnered as a CEO Creative Director pair in January 2005, proving that business acumen and creative flair can take a duo to new heights. In the beginning, the partners did everything from creative design, sound design, graphic design, editing, photography, directing, as well as client onboarding. That's a lot of duties, not to mention a lot of design!

Through grit, determination, skill, and sound acumen, Schember and Stuit built a company on the back of altruistic business ideals. And it's paid off. Since its inception, the company has grown and is now considered home to two talented creative directors, Brantley Gutierrez and Dylan Brown.

Gutierrez, an acclaimed
photographer and director, has worked with renown artists such as U2, Arcade Fire, Rihanna, and more. His work has been featured in Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, and Esquire, and he's widely considered a musical storyteller. Conversely, Brown is a producer and director who tells his stories through movies, music videos, and live shows. You might know his work best as the hologram that made Tupac a star once again at the 2012 Coachella Music Festival. 

It's easy to see that the trajectory of Subtractive has been exponential, to say the least. We're happy and proud to be part of that growth through the implementation of our accounting practices, financial controls, and CFO-level business insights.